Booking a Clubhouse Session


To comply with social distancing regulations, only a limited number of members can be allowed to attend at any one time.



A total of 6 Members, including the keyholder can attend for any one session.


The Members are asked to limit their stock they bring to run, this is because their personal stock and stock boxes are a risk to other Members, however slight.



In view of this a total of 10 items is to be the maximum number brought into the clubhouse during a single visit.


Visiting the club (inside the clubroom) other than for a booked attendance or gardening / external maintenance will not be allowed.

Internal maintenance will have to be booked as a session.



To make a booking, please email Paul Whittaker.



In the occasional event of Paul being unable to do this duty, the name and contact details of a deputy will be given instead. Ideally, a Group booking would be made, and the Group Booking leader will need to provide a date and the times of arrival and departure they require. All Layout Managers can contact Paul for any ‘booking details’ etc.

To provide an opportunity for all, bookings can be made up to a maximum of 2 weeks in advance.