Astbury Junction N Gauge


Jules Attard


The 1950’s early BR layout is set in a busy Northern town in the London Midland region. It is loosely based on the lines of the former Cheshire Lines Committee, so stock (all steam) is a mix of ex-LNER, LMS and BR Standards, with an occasional WR long-distance visitor.


The layout is a dumbbell-shaped continuous run, 3 x 1 m in total with a scenic area of 2 x 1 m.

It is DCC throughout; Dapol and Graham Farish locos are all sound fitted, while the Union Mills locos are DCC but lack sound.

Rolling stock is a mix of ready-to-run and kits, predominantly freight serving the local goods yard and a nearby brewery, but with steady passenger traffic through the main ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ platforms as well as local traffic into a short bay.

An ‘Up’ A2 waits to pull forward into the station.

A passenger runs from the subway but the A2 is cleared to depart: will he make it? Meanwhile, a J11 on local goods duty enters the station heading north.

It’s late evening, and the waiting taxi hopes for the last fare of the day.

A trolleybus has just left the station, but travellers wanting to go the other way are still waiting. Perhaps they could pop into one of the nearby pubs to pass the time?