ARA Club Layouts


Below are links to detail pages on layouts built and operated by the different groups within the Association.


Hassell Harbour Bridge      0 Gauge

Lawton Hey      00 Gauge

Lawton Hey is a small market town.

Its fictional location is such that it benefits from multi-regional railway connections, and even now, in the 1960s, facilities have been upgraded to accommodate diesel locomotives as they gain a foothold over steam.

Newcastle by the Water      N Gauge
Newcastle by the Water comprises a four track line which has dedicated passenger and freight lines. The large railway station is the junction for a single line branch.
The locomotives and stock run on the layout represent the modern era on a typical English mainline. (24ft x 4ft)


Fredstone Lane      N Gauge

The layout consists of 6 4x4ft boards which will be packed into pairs for transportation. It incorporates a double track main line & a freight avoiding line complete with loops to allow diverted stock to pass.

Smalldale Quarry

N Gauge DCC only

Smalldale is a small village situated between Buxton and Chapel-en-le-Frith just east of Dove Holes. The quarry is now a popular rock climbing area, but it was once part of the ICI Buxton lime operations.



Beginners Group Modelling in 00 Gauge


Stumbleton Castle

A small hands on model railway featuring Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

Even the very youngest can have a go.



The Potteries Loop Line


The group is in the process of building models of various Loop Line stations, all of which can be run together.

To run together the are built to a modular standard.

They are operated by Digital Command Control (DCC).

There are two fiddle yards

So far we have,

COBRIDGE complete

BURSLEM new baseboards being build.

PINNOX Viaduct complete

TUNSTALL final wiring and operational issues being completed.

Two Fiddle Yards being mirror images of each other. Operationally complete. Some minor scenic work required

Burslem Station 1962

By Ben Brooksbank, CC BY-SA 2.0

Tiny Town     Z Gauge