Alsager Railway Association  '0' Gauge Group

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Hello, my name is Kev Tams and I would like to welcome you to the Alsager Railway Association 0 Gauge group,

We have a healthy membership within the Association, approximately 25 members, but that does not mean you are only '0' gauge as most of our members do help out on the other layouts.

 We tend to meet during the day on Monday’s (for those that are lucky enough not to work anymore).  For those not so lucky the meet is Thursday evenings complete with tea and biscuits, worth it just for that, but for good measure, the 2nd Friday of each month, we meet to  play trains, that’s not to say you cannot run on any other day, we are a very flexible group.


We have the privilege of owning two excellent layouts, the first "Hassell Harbour Bridge", a large continuous layout 40ft X 16ft, which is now permanently up in the club rooms after retiring gracefully from the exhibition circuit. Before visiting you could look us up on “You Tube“, or you may have even seen us in the various railway publications.  There is no specific era or location, even though the Bridge is definitely  “North East“.  Don't let this minor distraction put you off.  If you have built it, bought it, you can run it, and as a bonus you can indulge yourself by running it DCC or DC, the choice is yours.


If main line running is not to your taste, our second layout is “Hassell Colliery”.  This is another extensive layout 30ft  X  3ft, allowing us the pleasure of shunting trains from the exchange sidings, up to the colliery, and vice versa.  With the wide range of tank locomotives now available RTR this is an ideal layout to run these locos.  This now forms our exhibition layout, and work is progressing to this end.  As time allows changes are being made to the track plan, and various boards.  Sadly at present  this layout is only run on the DC system.  That is not to say in the future it will stay that way.  With not having enough room in the clubrooms, this is the only layout at present that is not up permanently, however, we do try to have running session approx. every two months.


The time is right to be part of our little group, as entering from stage left, is the beginnings of a new layout, on this we will remain quiet, as to whet your appetite to come and visit!

Please feel free to come along and have a look round, I would suggest before coming along please contact myself or Mike, (via the webmaster) so we can introduce ourselves, and make you welcome.  We look forward to seeing you .


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