00 Gauge

The layout is a simple yet effective idea. The idea being you sit or stand whilst the trains pass you by; there is no shunting or station stops. This is just a section of mainline with two fast and two slow lines with plenty of stock variety. The layout depicts any region set during the present day and is complete with OHLE.


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It's a sunny day and you have decided to go on a walk, and why not? However, you make sure it passes close to the railway; after all you like trains. So you find yourself out in the grounds of Tixall estate passing close to the mainline. You decide to take five and take in the view. What do you see? To the right of us is the road bridge we crossed to arrive at this spot, the road being the estate drive, the main road passing over another bridge a little distance beyond. In front of us we see the gate house. Looking to our left is Weaver Hill with its castellated tunnel mouths and above it the obelisk which can be seen for miles around (or maybe just the exhibition hall) Constructed in 1756 by Earl of Rothbury of the nearby Hall for his daughter Georgiana. Maybe we shall stop a while and see what passes. Who knows you might see your favourite unit or loco.